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It’s very important to keep cleanliness around the society.  

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We use unique, custom-built tools to provide you an efficient cleaning

Presenting you the most convenient and coolest way for rejuvenating your house. Keeping your house a ‘home’ is just a click away. From cleaning every corner of your house to sprinkling the pesticides in your garden PAY n CLEAN keeps your home fresh. We are providing services at the most affordable prices.

Mopping is actually another good way to enhance the sparkle and allure of the floors. Clean up all rooms through  dusting with reachable areas, floor cleaning, general dusting, removing cobwebs , doors and door frames spot cleaning, cleaning mirrors, emptying all bins and changing bin covers, marble polishing and mop cleaning, clean all skirting. Regardless the tiles you’ve, area experts use liquids which are not abrasive and can easily get  rid of debris. We provide deep cleaning  in all desired areas such as all kind of the rooms inside your property, such as crawlspaces, ceiling, garages, washing in and out side, marble polish services in Ranchi as well as attics in the event that desired.


Keep your Work-Space full of Positive Energy! 

PAY n CLEAN provides services at your workplace in your desired way – desired style. Don’t let those pile of waste papers in your dustbin spoil your work atmosphere.


Fed up with the garbage or pile of leaves around your locality??
PAY n CLEAN is here to help you keep your street clean. From clearing the mess of leaves to clearing the mess created by street animals, Pay n Clean helps you to walk your street without closing your nose. So Go and put your favorite shoes and walkover your street freely.


No more worries regarding those unwanted  plants! We support Afforestation not Pests. Pay n Clean provides pest control services for your sweet home as well as workzone. Pest Control for your plants in the terrace, in your garden and offices premises is available here.


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